Saturday (Day 26)

I let myself down this weekend by not updating my blog. I must admit – it’s hard to do! If I had a snazzy phone that I could do internet on – this wouldn’t be a problem. I could just give quick 100 word or less updates on the weekend but alas – I have no such phone.

Saturday was the hubs littlest brother’s 24th birthday get together. We were supposed to be there at one but we got there around 2 (we are always late). Hot dogs, chili and cake. They handed me a huge piece of cake and I almost couldn’t finish it. I mean – who eats that big of a piece of cake?

Afterward the hubs and his littlest brother started playing some video games and the kids had all brought their DS so they played in the other room. Me, Jared and Rita (the hubs other brother and his wife), another couple that was there and another woman went out to play volleyball in the back yard.

I was out there for about an hour. It was hot so I had on shorts and flip-flops and an Elmo shirt. Go ahead – laugh. I got hot so had to sit down. Mind you this was not a regulation volleyball net – it was like one you buy at Wal-Mart with the birdies to play badminton. My feet got a little sun – you could see where my flip-flops went across my foot AND I got bit like six times by MOSQUITOES. I mean – mosquitoes in APRIL? Gosh – my legs itch.

After we left the hubs brothers house (at SEVEN) I was hungry again. We went with the hubs mom and her man to Applebees. I only had chicken fingers, Seth ate two small hamburgers and the hubs had a steak. I hate eating late but man I was hungry. I also saw my Uncle D there – it was a nice surprise.

We got home late – about 10. Jared and Rita’s church have a volleyball league. They play against other churches and I thought that would be really fun. At the party I found out that Jared wasn’t on a team cause they couldn’t find other players. So – I said I would do it.

Tell you more about the volleyball thing on another post since you know – I have to catch up!!!

xo – S.J.


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