7 Weeks (Day 23)

Today I hit the 7 week mark in my pregnancy.

I still have not been sick – thank the Lord – and I haven’t gained or lost any weight since my first visit but I honestly feel like a fat cow. I don’t know why – I still fit in my size 7 jeans and shorts. I am not hungry most of the time but I do eat cause I know I have to but I don’t eat junk (ie: pizza or anything greasy). I do occasionally get a Hershey bar from the gas station but that’s just cause I have a sweet tooth.

I know I won’t start showing yet but I worry about when I will. I’ve always had a little nudge of fat that I couldn’t get rid of right below my belly button – you ladies know what I am talking about – and that really bothers me. After I had Seth I fit back into my SIZE 4 jeans in about 3 months. Of course that was 9 years ago – people change! I hope that after this baby I can possibly be in size 5 jeans. I plan on breast-feeding and I know that burns a lot of calories so cross your fingers for me. Of course I would continue to eat healthy and drink water constantly like I have been.

No cravings but I do smell bacon a lot. I did go home Monday and see the bag of red delicious apples I bought Sunday at the store and had to have one. Even though I was about sit down and eat dinner. At least it was a want for something healthy.

There you have it – my 7 week update.

xo – S.J.


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