Birthday Money (Day 22)

Seth’s birthday was a week ago today but his party wasn’t until this past Saturday. Turns out no kids came and it was just my mom, brother, cousin and his wife – the hubs mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad, brothers and sister in-laws. Lovely right? I felt like I had failed as a party planner – and I’m certified for crying out loud.

Anyway – Seth ended up with $90 a pocket copter and a few other things. He wanted to spend his $90 yesterday at Wal-Mart so I let him. After getting a coke for him and some batteries for his pocket copter we headed to the toy section.

I tell you – I have the most indecisive child ever. He picks up something and puts it in the cart then finds something else and takes the first thing out and puts it back so he can put the second thing in. I was his personal calculator and was telling him how much money he had left after everything he put in the cart.

I won’t bore you with the details but we were there for about an hour walking up and down the same three isles. Finally he had spent all his money. This was his haul: a blue razor scooter, a few Iron Man toys, a pirate dress up kit, something for a motorized hamster, two life-like bugs that were also motorized and a bey blade. There might be something in there I am missing but he was most excited about the scooter and the bugs.

The hubs HATES cockroaches (who doesn’t) and one of the bugs was just that – a cockroach. It’s about 3″ or 4″ long and looks completely real. He took it to spring break daycare today and freaked the lady out at the desk with it. He will probably get the hubs with it this weekend.

Welp – that was my day yesterday. How was yours???

xo – S.J.


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