Graco Crib (Day 21)

On Friday we decided to head out to Babies R Us and look at cribs. We had no real intention of buying anything that day but with a 20% off coupon that expired on the 14th of this month – there was a pretty good chance we might.

So off we went. The hubs was kind of tired, I was hungry and Seth was – well – Seth. We pulled in the parking lot and there was a parking spot open with one of those signs that said “Expecting Moms”. The hubs was like “Why don’t you park there?” I didn’t want to – there were other women more pregnant than me that probably needed the closer spot.

Once inside we headed straight to the cribs – but the hubs and Seth went right past them to the glider rockers and ottomans. The $400 dollar glider rockers and $200 ottomans. Honestly – give me a wooden rocking chair with comfy cushions and I’ll be good to go. I didn’t have a rocker with Seth so I would really like to have one with this baby. But that’s another story….

Once I pulled the hubs away from the rockers we got to looking. Some cribs were almost $400. I would immediately turn around and not give them a second look. That’s just too much for a crib in my opinion. Okay – maybe I would go back and look at the bedding but that’s not what we were looking for.

Off in the right corner of the crib section were two I loved and one the hubs loved. The one he liked was a lighter wood color with an attached changing table. I didn’t like that the changing table was attached – just didn’t look right to me.
Something about it just gets on my nerves. Maybe the shelving on the back of it? I don’t know really but it makes me want to say “Yuck”.

The next one that caught both our eyes was in a style similar to what our own bed looks like. Something along the lines of a sleigh bed.
It wasn’t this particular one but it was very similar. This one is $250. A little more than what I was hoping to spend.

Now the last one that caught the attention of both of us was an espresso colored one. Not the hubs first choice but he liked it. Seth liked it to. Plus it was the one that wanted in the first place from the Babies R Us website. This one is $179.99. Now in the picture it looks black but it’s not. It’s a deep brown color, it’s really pretty. Oh – and check out that changing table. We got that too. It was $100 on it own but it comes with a cheesy changing pad. Of course – we will register for another kind – the one that comes with it is just to thin.
Now $179.99 plus $100 equals $280. The 20% off coupon was only for one regularly priced item so we used it on the crib. That made the crib around $144 so total price was $244. Instead of buying it right then we put it on their lay away plan. It is a $10 fee plus 20% down so it was only about $60 and then half needs to be paid in 90 days and the rest within another 90 days.

Not so bad if you ask me. I didn’t even know they had lay away until a few months ago. Oh – and we have a Babies R Us rewards card that you earn points on when they scan it at the check out counter PLUS if anyone buys anything from our registry we get the points too!! That means possibly free diapers and gift cards!! Yeah for Babies R Us!!

So what do you think about our purchase? I just love it!

xo – S.J.

Pssstt: 1st crib picture from here. 2nd crib picture from here. 3rd crib picture (one we bought) from here.


2 thoughts on “Graco Crib (Day 21)

  1. Nice choice! We have the sleigh crib in manny’s room right now, but his is a light cherryish color. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the wood is so soft that manny has made teeth marks on the railing!

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