Silly Babies (Day 18)

If you haven’t seen these twin babies talking to each other – you’re missing it.

How cute is that? I have to think that these two really understand what the other is saying. I mean, watch their hand motions. The one with the missing sock is probably telling the other where he was and what he was doing when he realized that he lost it and asking for help in finding it cause his foot is cold.

There are stories that twins have this “connection” with one another. Like ESP  – how neat would that be? In high school I took Psychology and one day the teacher gave us a test. (Has nothing to do with twins but ESP). There were five different shapes he had written down from one to fifty on his sheet. We had to try to concentrate on his mind and draw what shape he was thinking for that number on our papers. I got the most right in the entire class – but I don’t remember the exact number. It was weird and I certainly think that things like that are possible but I was just lucky.

Since today is April Fool’s day and I have figured out how to embed videos now (yea me!) I will leave you with the following clip – hope you didn’t get punked or anything by anyone today!!

xo – S.J.


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