Furniture (Day 14)

So the other day when we were starting to clean out the back bed room and ended up in our room (see that post here) we started talking about baby furniture.

Of course we will have to buy a crib and a changing table but I thought about going ahead and finding a chest of drawers or a dresser. While we were cleaning out the craft drawer in our bedroom the hubs mentioned that he would sand and paint the furniture already in our room for the baby room and get us new furniture. At the same time we are looking for Seth new furniture.

I think redoing our furniture for the baby room is a good idea since we have more clothes than we have room in them for. That way – the baby will have furniture that he/she can keep for a while and have plenty of room for their clothes once they get older (at least to Seth’s age).

Seth has lots of clothes too (most of them can be hung up though) and his furniture is REALLY old and they are family pieces so we will give them back to his dad once we find Seth new furniture. The plan for the moment is to get the back bedroom cleaned and then paint which – that’s been the plan for a while but we are getting there – slowly but surely.

I know we have 9 months to get everything together but that will go by fast, we really need to get our butts in gear! Oh – and if anyone knows where to find great furniture (that’s used) that we could redo let me know! I am searching Craig’s list and will start going to estate sales and yard sales once it gets warmer.

xo – S.J.


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