Stupid Pecker (Day 12)

From Saturday – I know I didn’t do a Post A Day this weekend – but at least I am catching up, give me a break!! Pretty please? šŸ™‚

Don’t let the title fool you – I am not talking about a person – I am talking about a bird.

Saturday is our sleep in super late day and lets face it – after Thanksgiving we won’t be having those days for a while so why not enjoy it while we can? I got up at around tenish. I went to the kitchen and started making our regular Saturday breakfast: eggs and biscuits with bacon or sausage (today it was sausage).

We have been getting in the habit of eating more meals at the kitchen table instead of the living room table because once the baby gets here eating in the living room is not an option for obvious reasons. So – after breakfast we cleaned up the table and then ourselves. It rained ALL DAY so there was no outside playing time for Seth. We had a few hours until the family was going to come over for R’s birthday (the hubs step dad). So we cleaned.

We vacuumed and dusted, Windex and pledged and folded clothes. I then got the hubs into the back bedroom backing up stuff to put into the attic or our new out building. We got three boxes filled and then we started putting craft supplies we don’t use into a box. That lead us to our room where one of our drawers had sketch pads, charcoal pens, glitter glue, feathers, pipe cleaners and just about anything else crafty. So – we got that drawer cleaned out too!

To the point of the stupid pecker – we were back in the back room putting the last items in the boxes when we heard the unmistakable sound of a wood pecker pecking. If you’ve never heard it – I’m sure you can find it on YouTube some where.

We have heard this little pecker on and off for the past 6 months AT LEAST but we haven’t heard him every day. He seems to only visit early in the mornings or late afternoons. Well it was about 4 o’clock and the rain had taken a break so the hubs put on his “working in the yard” boots (it doesn’t matter if they get muddy) and grabbed the Red Ryder BB gun Santa got Seth for Christmas and headed out.

I still heard the wood pecker when I saw the hubs come around the house. Oh – maybe I should explain further – we have no trees near our house. One Bradford Pear in the front yard and a line of old oaks about 100 feet behind the house. This wood pecker was ON the house somewhere. As he had been every time he visited.

So – the hubs points to a spot right over the window I am looking out, aims and shoots. He walked around the back of the house to see the wood pecker flying away. Once back in the house I asked where the wood pecker had been pecking. To my surprise and his – this stupid wood pecker was pecking ON THE SHINGLES on the roof.

Now – we’ve been up in the attic, there are no holes but I mean – how dumb. You would think that this bird could tell the difference between what he could find bugs in or make a home or whatever and something that he couldn’t. Hopefully the shot with the BB gun will make him re-think visiting our house.

Maybe he can visit the house next door with the obnoxious kid who blare his music at ten o’clock at night in the drive way and don’t put up their trash so neighborhood dogs get into it and drag it all over our yard.

xo – Southern Jane


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