Cookies… (Day 11)

Last night I made cookies – toll house chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t really feel like making them from scratch but don’t tell the guys in the shop that! Last year when it was someones birthday I’d just put a sticky note on their check that week saying “Happy Birthday”. This year I figured I’d actually make them something – well – make everyone something.

Last month I made cupcakes, or was that the month before? Anyway, I decided to make cookies cause well, it was easier and it was seven o’clock and I wanted to go to bed already. There were four guys this month who had birthdays and I am pretty sure that the one cookie I had this morning when I got here will be the only one I get all day. Until I get home anyway – cause I saved some!

We haven’t looked at the baby name book that much this week. I mean – we have a few months to figure something out. I have made the decision that I will not use formula. It just costs way to much and I mean – God made women to provide for their babies for free! 🙂 We have decided on paint colors for the baby room – partially. The bottom part will be chocolate-brown with white chair railing and the top will either be green, blue or pink. But I just remembered that someone else will be doing that same style. Grrrr….  Okay – so full green, blue or pink walls and make chocolate-brown stripes (only two – one about 8″ and a smaller one about 4″) as not to be copy cats.

Eh – I will talk to the hubs about it tonight. See – I wouldn’t have remembered that if I didn’t tell you guys about it here! Oh – and any suggestions for a gender neutral nursery would be greatly appreciated!!!

xo – S.J.


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