Persuasion (Day 10)

I love my hubs – everyone who knows me knows that. But this is my rub.

We have a futon that we’ve had for who knows how long, a couple of years maybe. Now Seth is going to be moving into the back bedroom in a few months so we can make his current room the baby room. Seth wants to keep the futon – which I don’t mind I just need to figure out how it would fit in there with everything else.

The hubs plan is (was) to move it into the baby room. I made a weird face at this and said “Nuh uh.” I want this in the baby room. I got the picture and the plans from here over at Ana White. Ana lives in Alaska and started building her
own furniture a few years ago and started posting plans for free on her blog. Then it was called Knock Off Wood but it became Ana White.

Anyway – according to the plans it should only cost about $100-$150 for all the materials to make this bed. Paint, primer, sand paper, wood filler, wood glue and of course the wood to build it out of and it would be much better for me to sleep on or lounge on than that futon. Mind you, futons roll down towards the back!

Now here is the thing. I know the hubs works really hard all week-long but J.A. (my brother-in-law) is a carpenter/construction worker. He can build just about anything. BUT I’ve also thought that I could get this done before I get to big to bend over!! If I can’t do it – maybe I could persuade J.A. to build it for me with a nice big juicy steak dinner. That might just work….

Anyway we’ve got primer, sand paper and white paint. So all I need is wood, glue and filler – it shouldn’t be so bad money wise. Plus there are cubbies on the other side too that I could use if it isn’t up against the wall that I could store baby clothes and blankets in and eventually toys and maybe shoes and stuff. Of course the OCD in me would label the baskets! 🙂

If anyone knows where I can find a cheap standard twin mattress and maybe want to help – let me know! I am ready to tackle this!! Well – after we get Seth moved to his new room (hopefully not to long away)!!!

xo – S.J.


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