How We Told (Day 9)

First off – I am caught up on my Post A Day challenge for myself! Yea me! Oh – and this is long!  🙂

Second – I’ll tell you how we told the family. As you know here I told my friend Meiyen first. She is the hubs cousin’s wife…they live in that big city called the ATL. She had called me the night before (Thursday) and asked how I was since that past Sunday Aunt K speculated that I was pregnant. So I told her I hadn’t started yet and that I had just bought tests and would take one tomorrow. As soon as I figured she would be up – I texted her to tell her that it said positive and I had an appointment.

So after the appointment – I called the hubs first to let him know the great news and then Meiyen. I found out later that the hubs had told his best friend KC first after work. That night (Friday) we took the hubs brother J.A. and his wife R to dinner at a local pizza place since it was his birthday this weekend. We ordered and then got a table outside cause it was really nice.

After some regular conversation, the hubs told them we were having a baby – this is also when Seth found out. J.A. gave the hubs a hug and said it was the best present he could have ever gotten for his birthday. Of course – we got him something cause not getting him something would have just been wrong! R was really happy for us too and Seth – well he just said “What?” Then I told him – “You’re going to be a big brother!” He kind of sat there for a minute then just said “Cool.” I didn’t really know what to expect from an eight almost nine-year old but over the course of the weekend he started coming up with names and checking out all the baby stuff at every store we went to!

Now – on to the rest of the family. Saturday we went with J.A and R, M.H. & K (the hubs youngest brother and his wife) and the hubs mom and step dad to O’Charlie’s for J.A.’s birthday. We didn’t talk about the baby at all through dinner because everyone was supposed to come back to our house for games.

M.H. and K didn’t know either and J.A. seemed really excited about us telling everyone – which I thought was awesome. After dinner everyone went to Wal-Mart for different things but we picked up a Sprite and that baby name book I posted about. Before everyone got there we called Grandma and Grandpa (the hubs dad and step mom). They have a camper out in Alabama on the lake and were there. We told them that Aunt K was on a winning streak and that’s all it took. “You’re pregnant?” is all that Grandma could say. Needless to say they were really happy and excited. We talked for a bit and then let them go because we saw M.H. and K’s car.

The hubs had wrapped up the baby name book in the bag on the counter. Once M.H. and K were settled and some talk got started, the hubs took the book and said “I don’t know if you guys have names picked out or not but this might help you, I know it will help us.” K looked up to the hubs and then to me and said “Are you expecting?” I just shook my head yes. She got up and came to give me a hug. M.H. hugged the hubs and then of course they congratulated us.

J.A. and R showed up next and then the hubs mom (lets call her Ly and her husband R) showed up. They sat down and we started talking about different games we could play and I think we did J.A. gifts first, I could be confused. M.A. and K were looking through the baby name book and they were calling out different names that were funny or just plain stupid. One of the ones that was called out was Abirtha.

The hubs smiled at me and said “That’s funny. M.H. and K are having Abirtha in September and me and Jane are having Abirtha in November.” I waited for Ly and R reaction. R looked to me and then smiled. Ly didn’t get it all she said was “Huh?”

J.A. then explained “J.M. (my husband) is using the name Abirtha to say that M.H. and K are having a baby in September. Then he said me and Jane are having Abirtha in November.” She got it at that point. She looked to R, then to the hubs and then me. “You’re pregnant?” I just shook my head – she literally jumped out of her seat and started to jump up and down and scream. I wish I would have had my camera.

Sunday we spent with Grandma and Grandpa and of course we told everyone we could at church that morning. Later in the evening I got to thinking – with my family, the hubs family, our friends and church family – it’s going to be one heck of a baby shower!!!

xo – S.J.


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