Professing My Love (Day 8)

For Etsy.

I can’t get enough of this website! That and Pinterest are my two main squeezes. There is a button over to the right of the screen – if you click that it will take you to my Pinterest boards and let you see what I’ve pinned. There’s lots of stuff!

But back to Etsy. I have spent most of the past two days surfing there. Searching anything that has to do with babies and maternity stuff. I have found some cute things too! Like this maternity gown. It’s better than wearing what the hospital will give you to wear right? Plus I won’t look all that terrible with something so pretty on – at least I hope. Believe me there are lots more to choose from in the Little Trendy Baby store. She’s got swaddlers, reusable nursing pads (if anyone wants to buy me any) and other stuff.

There is also a place called Run System 63. They are based out of Montreal Canada and sell belly bands. Not that kind that you use after you have your baby either – these are the kind you wear under your shirt but over your pants so no one will see you’re growing belly in your favorite shirt that’s almost too short OR your unbuttoned pants because you aren’t completely into maternity pants yet. I will so be buying at least two of these.

She has one that’s snake-skin too and one with polka dots! Plus at only $12 a pop I’m sure the hubs won’t mind that I buy a few. šŸ˜› She sells leg warmers too but that’s just not my thing.

Last night we looked through the baby book again – we are into the boys names and highlighted a few more. I am sure by the time we figure out if it’s a boy or a girl we will have our names picked out. At least – I hope we do!

Another place I’ve found – Cute Overload. Although they don’t sell anything on this website – you get a lot of cuteness for free. Just like this bunny – since it’s getting close to Easter. Yes – it’s a real bunny! Be amazed at the cuteness!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Pictures from Ruby Loves Designs, Run System 63 and Cute Overload.


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