More Names! (Day 7)

I think I’ll just start putting day instead of Post A Day or PAD or what ever. 🙂

So – baby names. The hubs and I have looked through all 600 lists in the book, nothing really stood out to us (well – one has but I won’t say yet) and we are into the T’s for girl names. We haven’t even hit the boy names yet. I don’t have the book with me at the moment but we are highlighting and at the end of the book I will flip back through and write down all the names in alphabetical order – cause I’m O.C.D. like that.

In their 600 lists were ones like – Southern names which of course Scarlett was in there and so was Georgia – Presidential names, popular names from ALL the states and other countries etc. If I take a guess – we’ve marked about 15 names, mostly girls cause like I said – we haven’t gotten to the boy names yet.

I did order some thing last week when we found out.
You can’t really read it on here – but it says first in the top corner and then the list reads positive test, sick feeling, craving and the list goes on. I bought it and a smudge proof pen from Ruby Love Designs on Etsy. You can click that underlined part and it will take you to her store.

She (and other moms) are based out of Los Angeles, California. She is a graphic designer and when her son was born she hated all the “super cheese” baby books on the market and made her own. There are solid and fabric covered books and you can buy sibling pages, extra baby shower pages and lots more.

Pages can come in different colors to coordinate with what ever book you buy – or not – your choice. This one is of course in blue but I bought mine in lime green (it’s actually really pretty – don’t hate) and pink. I think there are several others too but I won’t bore you. I will let you explore on your own. I should get my pregnancy page pack and pen in about a week. I can’t wait to fill it out!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture is from Ruby Love Designs


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