Dang it….(Post-A-Day 6)

So I missed my post a day yesterday (Sunday) due to church and hunting through this:
Yup – baby names. I’ve only posted two names here, Jensen and Scarlett. Looks like I will be posting more!

The hubs and I found out Friday, March 18th, that we were expecting! So when I got to work I called my OB office (all three locations) to try to find an open slot to get in and make sure that what the pee sticks said was right. Gross maybe if you’re a guy reading this but hey – it’s the truth.

So I got an appointment and went in. With in the first 30 minutes of being there – it was confirmed! Oh – you want to know how I told the hubs?

Friday morning at 1 am I couldn’t sleep. I had bought a 2 pack of tests (EPT) the evening before and I had to pee so – I took one. It said positive. So after two hours of not being able to sleep I finally was able to. Two hours later I woke up for work and took the other. While I waited for the 2 minutes to be up I went and fixed the hubs breakfast and got Seth up. Once back in the bedroom I laid out the instructions in front of the hubs and then showed him the stick. All he said was “You just peed on that!” then “What’s it say?” I told him what it said and he just smiled. We didn’t say anything to Seth that morning. We didn’t say anything to anyone until after the doctor appointment – okay – I may have told my friend Meiyen about it but she kind of knew already!

Since I have to catch up on my Post-A-Day…there will two posts on one day this week since I missed Sunday. You will get the full details about how we told the rest of the family!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Book picture from here.


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