Jensen (Post-A-Day 5)

Of course this is a boy name – and I really like it. I looked at a few different places and they all said basically the same.

Baby Name World says that the origins are Finish, Danish and Norwegian. In 1998 it was ranked 968 on the list of baby names. In 2008 it was 999 and in 2009 it was ranked 832. So it’s not that high up on the list, but I still like it.

Think Baby Names says it’s a variant of Janson (Scandinavian) and Jens (Scandinavian & Hebrew). It says there that the meaning of Jensen is God Is Gracious. also says the meaning is the same but with origins from the Nordic region. also agrees with the Scandinavian origin and the meaning.

Then I turned to It also says that the origins are Norwegian & Danish but adds Northern German. Wikipedia adds that it is rarely used as a given name and can also be spelled Jenson or Jenssen.

So – there you have it.
Meaning: God Is Gracious
Origins: Finish, Danish, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Hebrew & Northern German

x0 – S.J.


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