Wondering (Post-A-Day 3)

Today is a day of wonder. I wonder how much it is going to be for the website for the project I am helping my brother on. I wonder why people hurt others, how the police have allowed 11 shooting in 10 days in my area.

I know that those are two different things to wonder about but that’s what’s on my mind. I also wonder about those 50 engineers that volunteered to go back into the nuclear plant in China, knowingly exposing themselves to over a life times worth of radiation to try to save it.

I heard that there is a bridge that is going to be torn down. A bridge that was built before my father was born in 1937. He told me stories of when he was young and he watched his friends and brothers jump from it for fun. It scares me to death to drive across it because the lanes are so narrow and there are no emergency lanes. There is the curb, the steel structure and then nothing. Each time I cross it, I think of my dad and think of trying to avoid any other cars. It’s cheaper to tear it down, than to fix it according to the county. Besides, the freeway bridge is next to it, people can use that instead – I’d rather use the old bridge than the freeway one.

There are other things I am thinking and wondering about, but until I know more, until I am ready to tell them, I will keep them silent.

On a lighter note – as not to get myself or anyone else down in the dumps – I am expecting some make up in the mail that I bought from Etsy store Noella Beauty Works. I bought concealer and Amazonite mineral eyeshadow. At least I can look forward to that when I get home….that and lasagna! I will go jog this afternoon since I didn’t yesterday. I really need to upload my Nike Band information tonight too. Haven’t done that in a few weeks.

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!! Remember – you decide how your attitude will be today!!! I will make sure that I am happy. 🙂

xo – S.J.


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