Nike+ GPS Again..(PostADay 2)

I get a lot of magazines. Runner’s World, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottage Living (a girl can dream right?), Delia’s, Victoria’s Secret. Well Seth checked the mail the other day and I got the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I really love it for the paint selections they have in there and the recipes.

Anyway – I was at work yesterday flipping through the pages and on the 24th page is a post about the “Wired Workout”. There is this. It’s a “smart” water bottle.
You put in your weight, duration of exercise and some other things and it tells you exactly how much you need to consume to stay hydrated. Now for me – I hate to drink plain water so it has to have a flavor it in, but I think this could work for me! I know I don’t drink as much as should throughout the day anyway so this could come in really handy for workouts/running etc. And the $30 price tag isn’t to bad either!

The next thing on the list was what looked to be a money clip. I thought – what in the world is that? It’s called the FitBit. You clip it anywhere you want, your pocket, belt, on undergarments. You can wear it all day and it has 3D motion sensors to track your calories, steps, distance, heck even your
sleep!! The docking station sits on your desk and anytime you come within 15 feet of it, it automatically uploads the FitBit information to the website. You can go in later and add the foods you ate, the exercise you did and even keep up with buddies information. It’s $99 and not really something that I think that I would use that much but it would be a pretty awesome piece of tech to have!!

The next item they had was an electronic jump rope. You could adjust the rope to your height and enter your weight and it keeps up with how many calories you’ve burned while jumping. I hated jumping rope in school and I hate it now, so I wouldn’t buy this. The $30 price tag isn’t that horrible but again, I wouldn’t buy it. You can find it at – Sunny Digital Jump Rope.

There was one other thing on the list, waterproof earphones. I don’t listen to music when I run/jog/walk so I have no need in these either. Just in case anyone does want them – they were $30 at

Now we get to the great part! The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. I know all about its capability so I was just ecstatic to see a price since I haven’t been able to find one anywhere else. I didn’t have sticker shock but it is more than what I thought it would be but LESS than the other comparative gear out there (at least from what I have found). It’s $199. Not horrible, I can live with it.

I am debating on how to go about getting it. Buy it outright and sell my Sport Band once I have the new one or sell the Sport Band first and put that money towards the new fund for the Sportwatch??? My birthday gift is a weekend in Gatlinburg so asking the hubs for it isn’t really an option. Maybe I could persuade the fam to give me cash?? I don’t know how I will get it – but I will have it!!! I wonder if there will be other colors besides the green and black….even if there are, I may still get it in green. The more I look at it, the more I want it!

Oh – the release date for this is April 1st for those who don’t know. You can pre-order it now, but for some reason my computer doesn’t want to bring up that page to tell you how much shipping and what not would be. Eh – if you want it bad enough – it doesn’t matter does it?  🙂

Pssstt: Water bottle picture is from here. FitBit picture is from here and the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS picture is from here.


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