Happy Anniversary To Me! (PostADay: 1)

Today is the 7th anniversary of the day that the Hubs and I started dating! He says that it doesn’t count anymore since we are married, that he only has to keep up with one now – our wedding anniversary which was 07-07-07 so that he wouldn’t forget it! 🙂

I still like to keep up with it because this is how long we have been TOGETHER not married. This is the longest relationship that I have ever been in! Seven years with one person is a lot – we’ve been married for four years and that’s pretty awesome but there will be years and years of marriage to come!

This is how the story goes. We met out at a gathering of friends who raced at night and I was hanging out with my friends. We knew each other before in high school but then he went off to the military. He had only been back a few months when I saw him out that night.

I gave him my number and we went out a few times. He never really asked me to be his girlfriend and I never asked him to be my boyfriend so we just picked the day that we went out on our first “dinner date”. The other times we had gone out was to the park or to a movie just seeing how the vibe was you know?

It wasn’t long after that until he moved into my apartment (June 2004). A year after that we bought our house (May 2005). That next year (August 2006) we went on a work trip to Jacksonville then to Daytona Beach for a week. While there the whole time he carried around my ring (even when we went para sailing as I found out later!). He finally asked me on our fourth night there at the top of the Ponce De Leon lighthouse while the sun was setting! It was beautiful!!!

We then married on July 7th 2007 and the rest is history! So far there are no other little ones besides our Seth (unless Aunt K is right about her prediction here).

In honor of our anniversary – here is one of our early pictures together.

We were in Savannah for St. Patrick’s day which was totally awesome and I want to go back. It was kind of our 1 year anniversary trip with our friend KC, his GF at the time who we won’t name and his cousin D. We had a blast! If you ever get the chance to go to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day – DON’T MISS IT!!!

xo – S.J.


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