*Warning – I’m long winded in this one!!!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! I had a weekend – but it wasn’t a lay around the house relaxing one!!! Which is totally fine with me!

Let me start by saying – I love my family! Friday me, the hubs and Seth went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. I LOVE their grilled chicken fingers and honey mustard sauce! I was debating on the grilled chicken salad but alas I was won over by the possibility of a salad AND mac and cheese with the chicken fingers!

Saturday my Aunt T came into town and we had a cook out at my brother and SIL house. I brought some St. Patty’s day cupcakes from Food Lion and goodness were they yummy! So were the burgers my brother fixed but I love a good cupcake! Anyway – after lunch we all decided to play the Kinect on the Xbox. The SIL had bought a game that had rafting on it. Needless to say we all ended up playing at some point or another and I maybe worked off the two cupcakes I ate! Even my mom and Aunt T played! It was so much fun!

That night we went for a jog/walk with friends KC and J in our little downtown of ChickTown. It isn’t really called ChickTown but we will go with it cause I like it! Once around the sidewalk in front of the high school, middle school and elementary school is one mile. We jogged/walked it twice. I pushed J to jog further than she usually would go and she thanked me for that. 🙂 I felt special! Seth would have probably ran the whole thing if I let him!! After that was BBQ chicken at KC and J’s house and Disney Scene It then home! Whew!

After I hit the bed I set the alarm to get up at 8 so I could hit up Hardee’s for breakfast. I woke up at 6:45 thinking it was Monday and freaking out because the Hubs and I would be late for work. Then when I realized it was really Sunday – I apologized to the Hubs for waking him up and went back to sleep! 🙂

Hardee’s sausage and cheese biscuits were cold – but the caramel crumb biscuits were yummy! We got ready for church, actually got there on time and enjoyed the Pastor’s sermon from Job. Then it was off to the park for a welcome home cookout for the Hubs cousin Cal who just graduated from Marine boot camp and A school. He’s here for 11 days and then he will be shipped out, he doesn’t know where to yet. We brought a football and he was like a kid with a new toy, “Who’s football?” he asked. “Ours” I told him. He started to reach for it and picked it up. “I haven’t played anything in 6 months!” He then proceeded to get some of his boy cousins together for some passing.

Now – there are two girls in the family who are pregnant. One we won’t talk about. The other J is having her second one. Aunt K has this thing that she can tell when someone is pregnant even before that person knows. She hasn’t been wrong yet. She knew when her daughter was pregnant both times, when J was pregnant both times and when Kris was pregnant both times along with all her brother’s wives. So I was kind of waiting on her to get there to give me her “look”.

She arrived. I didn’t say anything at first as she was upset that she was late even though it wasn’t her fault. Oh – Cal is her son. So after we said hey and she mingled and got situated – I went over to talk to her. I mentioned that fact that she could usually tell if someone was pregnant and she began to look at me. I was nervous, worried, excited and felt kind of odd. After a while she said “75%” and that was it. I was like “What?”

“I think there is a 75% chance that you.” I was like – alright, I’ll go with that! But she was also having an off day, she wasn’t really herself you know? So that got me thinking….I broke out last week – like horribly. I never do that unless it’s near that time if you know what I mean. I do go to the potty a lot lately and I am nearing that “time” – which is supposed to be Wednesday.

Now – let me clarify why I’m telling all my details. There are a lot of women out there who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant and we like to read about other people’s situations about how long it took them to conceive and what not. I also have been mulling over the Post-A-Day thing. I mentioned at one point that I was writing here and in a personal journal. I got to thinking about it this weekend and my personal journal one day would be passed down to my kids (maybe if I’m lucky). BUT – the way tech is going these days, maybe an ONLINE journal would be better? So I am making it official. Tomorrow – our 7th anniversary – I will start doing a Post-A-Day!!!! It could be on baking, running, baby stuff, flowers I think are pretty or what I thought about A.N.T.M.!! Subscribe so you can stay updated!!!!

xo – S.J.


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