I am determined to lose weight by the end of April – at least 10 pounds. I am determined to help my Bro with his adventure.

Lots has happened in the last 24 hours. My focus shifted from one direction to another and that’s totally cool with me. Usually I freak out when something I want/need/doing isn’t finished. For some reason I’m not freaking out this time. I think it’s because I know that everything regarding the change will work for the better.

I’ve also talked to the Hubs about names for our future kids. Girls names we can’t agree on and boy names are well – a matter we don’t really discuss because I am for sure that we will have a girl. The Hubs hates that idea. He doesn’t want to have to deal with boys when she becomes old enough to date or any other girl related consequences (if you know what I mean). Either one doesn’t really matter to me as long they are healthy. šŸ™‚ Anyway – that and the fact that my Bro looked up the meaning of his name on and came up with a stupid definition – makes me want to research names I am into for said future chitlin’s (that’s children for you Non-Southern folks).

So – I shall pick my first and most favorite name that the Hubs hates – Scarlett. He says it sounds like a name for a hooker. I think Gone With The Wind and this image pops up.

I just love the BBQ dress! I’ve watched that movie at least 20 times or more. The Hubs finally watched it all the way through a few months ago when we got the Blu Ray version on sale at a closing of Blockbuster for like $5. It is a long movie but it’s awesome!

Stay tuned for my research on the name Scarlett and any other ramblings I may have!

xo – S.J.

Psssttt: Picture Of Scarlett O’hara from here.


2 thoughts on “Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes!

  1. I thought about naming my little raven haired beautiful baby girl “Scarlett”, but alas…I let others talk me out of it

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