To Be 8 Again…

My son, Seth, started track at his school this week. When I was in elementary school we didn’t have sports you could sign up for. We had field day at the end of the year that had the three-legged race (My BBF Candice was usually my partner), 50 yard dash, a relay race and the egg in the spoon race. That was as close to school sponsored sports as we got. We did (and still do) have a recreation association that has softball, basketball, football and cheerleading. I did cheerleading from the age of 5 until I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore at the age of 12. I didn’t participate again until high school and was only there for one season of football. I hurt my knee and it still effects me.

ANYWAY – I’m glad that they are starting to have school sponsored sports in elementary school because – well – most of the kids at his school are over weight. Not all of them, but most of them. His coach – lets call him Mr. A – has them practice twice a week at the track at the school. Their meets will be at a local high school since they obviously have the nicer facilities for the kids.

Since I used to run – until winter anyway,  my fastest mile then was 8:10 – I figured that this would be a great opportunity for me and Seth to spend time together. He could run with me in the park on certain days and then we could do the neighborhood or go down town if it’s pretty. Plus I could get back into running and be healthier. I have a Nike band


It’s pink just like the one above and it gets the job done – just not as well as I’d like (Picture from here). BUT I can’t wait until the new Nike+ Sportwatch GPS watch comes out.


Ahhh….isn’t it amazing???? Oh – I got the picture from here and they have a video which the Nike people explain everything it does. Literally – I got chills watching the video. I didn’t know it would be that awesome! So – I am thinking I may try to sell my Nike band (cause I doubt Seth will want a hot pink running band) and get this new one from Nike. For his birthday next year (or Christmas this year) if he still likes running I’ll spring for him a Nike band, one that’s not pink – or find a used Nike+ Sportwatch for him. At least try to anyway.

I say all that to say this – we went out today for a test walk/run in the neighborhood. From our house, around the cul-de-sac, to the stop sign and back to the house is exactly one mile. That’s all we did today. I left my Nike band in the car and the hubs took it to school. So I relied on my phone’s clock which was awful. According to it though it took me 17 minutes to walk/jog the one mile. I felt awful. Seth however, jogged most the time and made it back home at least 2 or 3 minutes before I did. I didn’t let him go at his full speed for fear of crazies in cars. I let him go ahead of me home only because I can see him the half a mile from the last curve to our house, the subdivision isn’t all that busy, it’s the short spurt of main road I was worried on. So – he ran the whole way from that curve home. I mean, he’s going to be 9 in a few weeks and has more energy than me and his dad combined I am sure. I just wish that I had that much energy.

I am sure that I will gain energy when I start running again, but right now I feel so defeated. I’ve gained a few pounds back from the 10 I lost last year and I hate the cold so I didn’t run at all this winter.  I hope by the beginning of winter this year I will be more prepared. My running attire now is some camo shorts from Old Navy, a pink sports bra from Target and what ever tank top I grab from the closet. Oh – and my New Balance. Sorry Nike – their shoes are more comfortable to me. Send me some free shoes and I may change my mind!! 🙂 I know I need better running garb but I rarely have enough money to buy anything for myself so I just use what I got. I’m sure we all have been in that spot once or twice.

Wish me luck on the running, on the business adventure and life in general. Oh – I will get my 8:10 mile back, I am very proud of that, it may take me a while – but I’ll get it!!

xo – S.J.



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