So Many Decisions

Who knew wanting to invest in a franchise would be so complicated? I swear the past few days have been just crazy. Then to find out that the one we were interested in was more than originally thought,  that just made the whole thing worse.

(sigh) So back to the beginning we go. We are back to the original thought of opening our own individual store and not investing in a franchise. Problem is her hubs discounts everything she fronts to him. Mine is more of a no opinion kind of guy. I’ve always wanted a coffee shop/book store kind of thing but it’s like everything I say about anything she takes literal and runs with it. As of the moment we are supposedly “looking into” everything.

It’s mentally exhausting. There is so much to think about and it seems like there is so little time. I have an event planning certification but that doesn’t mean that I am working doing that. I started the certification before the economy tanked and now not many people want to hire someone to do something they think they can handle themselves. Let me tell you, when it’s all over, they wished they had hired someone, even just to handle the little things like RSVP’s and seating arrangements.

When I search Etsy I am mystified at how many people are making money off of doing the thing they love to do. I am not crafty and I am not artsy. I am good with numbers and organizing. I could easily keep up with inventory, pricing, payroll, figuring out shifts and anything with computers. It’s frustrating wanting to do something for myself like the thousands on Etsy – it’s another to actually bring it to reality.

I will not give up though – I will be my own boss one day. That day may just be farther off than what I thought.


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