Money, Money, Money

MONEY! You know that song – don’t lie!

Okay the deal here is – a friend of mine has convinced me to open a business with her. It would be in the food category and it’s yummy healthy stuff. I won’t give it away because we aren’t completely on go yet. We are talking to the important people at the bank today about business loans and such. Once we figure all that out – Monday we have a conference call with the founder/CEO of the company.

Now – I feel all nervous and excited. This company has NINE stores open across the country and their projected revenue this year is ridiculous. That means we are getting in early on their rise to the top. Ryan – the founder – seems like a cool guy by his picture and I think he’s around my age. I’m nervous about talking to the bank today and I will be nervous all weekend because of our scheduled conference call on Monday.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much coffee this morning. I feel like going for a run and my energy would never get depleted. I don’t drink coffee all much and this is Colombian – with three sugars and three creamers in a Starbucks Eco-Friendly travel mug. Or maybe the shakes are due to the fact that I’m kind of cold – not the fact that I’ve just had coffee this morning and nothing to eat. I can’t really eat if I’m nervous – I don’t get the munchies. I do have a mandarin…maybe I should eat that.

I tried to dress business like today. I’ve always worked somewhere that required a uniform of sorts so never really anything “business”. Cracker Barrel made me wear khaki pants and a collared shirt – can’t remember what color. Pretty much like that every where I worked really. The most long-term job I had they didn’t care what we wore. So it was mostly just jeans and t-shirts for me. I’d wear heels and dress up nice if there were clients coming in. I’ve gotten into the habit now that almost all my shoes are heeled ones, even my boots. I have one pair of boots with no heel, they are my motorcycle boots. Yes – I ride – to some extent. I’m getting my license this summer and buying a Honda 250R. I can’t wait.

I was going to go on this long explanation of what I’m wearing today but I think you have better uses of your time! So cross your fingers for me today and say a little prayer that the bank loan officer will deem me and Nat worthy of a business loan.

For a hint in the direction of where we are thinking of going – check out the photo. It has something to do with the name of the business we are looking into. Any guesses as to what it is???? Leave a comment!
Oh – and our spoons will be biodegradable!! That is “our spoons” IF the bank people love and believe in us!

Pssstt: Photo of spoon taken from here.


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