Wake up in the morning…

Feeling like P. Diddy! Well – maybe not. He could be hung over some where, that wouldn’t be a good thing on a Wednesday morning.

Kesha’s music makes me smile – so does Avril’s music. They are my go to gals to get me in a better mood. I sing in the car pretty loud – then I remember that my sun roof is open and the people in the car next to me can probably hear me and I just smile at them and sing lower.

So today was one of those days where I was DARNED if anybody would put me in a bad mood. I watched Castle on Hulu – that Nathan Fillion (Rick Castle) is darn cute! Then I watched Pretty Little Liars – love their clothes – and actually did work! Then I got the call – I forgot to put a fork in the hubs lunch I fixed for him today! I felt HORRIBLE. I thought – OMG, how will he ever eat? Well they have a break room and there was a fork so it’s not like he starved to death. Still – I felt bad for forgetting.

Other than that there really hasn’t been much to put me in an off mood – other than a few little annoyances. Well ONE annoyance really.

Do you ever get that feeling that some one you talk to is keeping something from you? I get that feeling today. Just a nagging kind of “She’s not telling me how she really feels.” kind of feeling.  Like you have on this dress which you think looks amazing on you but when your friend says “Yeah – looks great!” you know she’s not really thinking that it looks great. Yeah – that kind of feeling.

Maybe it’s just me – maybe I’m just over reacting. Ugh – maybe its hormones?? HA!! I am a woman!! Hehe

Okay so to brighten the “Jane is going nuts” mood….look at this cute picture.
Okay – all is right with world if you smiled or said “Awwwww!!”

xo – J.M.

Pssst: Otter picture from here


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