Get Your Rear In Gear

Last year in May my sister-in-law convinced me to run a half marathon with her in November. Mind you I just turned 27 and she’s about a year younger than me. I haven’t run since my high school cheer-leading coach made us for practice, that was 10 years ago so I knew I would have to really work on getting in shape. I had lost 10 pounds which now is partially back.

Anyway – we never did run the marathon. We paid our $40 and ran for about 2 months preparing. Then I had knee problems and had to stay off of it for three weeks. Needless to say I didn’t get back into my running. So I am back at where I started from. I weighed myself this morning and rolled my eyes as the number came up on the digital scale. I need to get back into gear.

I think my son will help me get there. You see he will be nine next month – NINE. That’s just crazy to me. His elementary school has a track team. He’s done soccer once, football wasn’t his thing and if I had the money I’d put him in tennis lessons – along with myself. So a $20 uniform and $10 fee later – he’s signed up for the track team. We went and got him some running shoes this past weekend – Saucony – the best brand for running besides New Balance in my opinion.

He has practice twice a week for an hour. That’s all I know for right now but I figure that at least twice a week we could run together. He has more energy than I do so I am sure that he could out run me. Doing something like running with someone is a lot better than running alone, unless you like the quiet and like running alone. That’s really more me, running alone.

Eh – maybe instead of making cookies I’ll go run the neighborhood. Maybe after I run I’ll make cookies – they look forward to my cookies.


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