Ghost Hunting…

I have been catching up on my “Ghost Hunters” watching on Hulu. I have to admit I really love that show and not just because I think Grant is a cutie!
I don’t know what it is but I just think he’s adorable. Anyway – the one I recently watched was with the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” helping them out at a house. I thought – they just want more publicity. They are so loud and argue so much on the show that I figured that they would do the same on the Ghost Hunters. Well – they were loud in the beginning but chilled out once inside the house. I could have done without the cussing though when they heard things.

I do watch the Housewives but only the Atlanta cast. I guess because they are closer to home? I’ve been to Atlanta a few times in my life. I wonder if I went and ran into one of them if they would be nice or stuck up. Do you ever wonder that about people? I don’t watch Jersey Shore but I am pretty sure if I ran into Snooki she wouldn’t like me, I’d be taller than her, and Angela would probably hit me for no reason.

Back to my point – ghosts. I get off track easily can you tell? Where I live we have lots of ghost stories because of the battlefield here. There is the story of soldiers walking a hill in the full moon, a woman jumping off the tower to her death, a light orb floating through your car. There is one though that everyone has heard of – Green Eyes. Look it up – he’s a popular ghost.

Before the English came here, when it was just Indians – they had their own stories about Green Eyes. They shared these stories with soldiers who passed the story around. To this day there are “sightings”. What’s weird is, the description is the same but the clothes are different. Most recently – about 4 or 5 years ago – a park ranger was checking on actors that had slept in the park the night before their “scene” just like soldiers did during the Civil War (they do reenactments every year). While he was walking down the street in the early morning he saw a man walking on the other side. He was tall, had a long black coat on with black boots and a black hat. He stared at the man and as he got closer the man looked at him. He had green eyes and long stringy black hair. When the thing smiled at the man, he had sharp-pointed teeth. At that moment a car came by and when the lights of the car hit the “man” it disappeared.

Weird, creepy, odd – whatever you want to call it there have been too many people see it in different places all around the park. There are even accounts with the same description taken during the war – of seeing this thing walking the fields of the dead.

Call them what you will – ghosts or demons – I think they are real.

I’ve slacked on my blog updates and my own private journal updates. Things have been pretty nuts around here. I promise I will try harder!!

Pssst: Picture of Grant taken from the Ghost Hunter (T.A.P.S) Web-page.


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