Kids these days…

I wouldn’t have ever thought I would say that – ever.

When I was younger – I got spankings. Not really from my parents – mostly my grandparents. My great-grandmother really. When mom swatted me with something it was always a fly swatter. It didn’t really hurt that much but I knew not to do whatever it was I did again. My great grandmother’s name was Della – we called her Maw-Maw. Her daughter (my grandmother) was Granny.

After school we’d go to Maw-Maw’s house and I’d watch t.v., do my homework and then we’d play rummy or Sorry or checkers. She had two recliners side by side. She sat in one all the time so I’d take the other. We would use the checker board as our playing surface for cards turned sideways – you know so the board doesn’t fall through the crack between the recliners. I remember eating dinner over there a lot and any time she caught me lying or doing something I wasn’t supposed to she said “Now go on out yonder and get me a switch.”

Out yonder was the back yard. There was a large tree that always had a tire swing or some kind if swing on it. Once we even used an old milk crate. Anyways – there were two huge bushes out back next to the ditch. In the spring they would have yellow blooms on them and then when they died the bushes were just green. When winter came all the leaves would fall off and it would be bare. Those bushes are where we – well I – got her a switch.

You’d have to pick out one that wasn’t too skinny. The skinny ones hurt more, to me anyway. Once you picked out your switch you’d have to get the flowers or leaves of off it. Sometimes, if she didn’t think it was a good enough switch she’d make you go out and pick another. When the whole time you are just wondering how much this one would hurt compared to that one. Once she got the switch she wanted you got a few licks on the back of your legs. Man they hurt! Turned red and sometimes purple. You could feel them for hours even after the redness had worn off. I learned my lessons quickly.

These days – kids don’t get spankings. Well – mine does, probably not anyone elses. If he lies to us or does something he knows he isn’t supposed to do – he gets a whooping. I think mostly parents are trying to be their kids friends when in reality we aren’t supposed to be their friend at all. We are supposed to raise our kids to LEAVE us and go out into the world to live their own lives. If they get everything they want when ever they want when they get into the real world they won’t be prepared.

Lying is one thing I can’t deal with. I’ve always told our son – “Lying will get you into more trouble than telling the truth will.” We found out the other day that he lied about feeding the dog. That meant that for a whole day our dog didn’t have food or clean water. I was so upset that I cried. He got a good spanking, good enough it hurt my hand, and went and fed and watered the dog.

I see kids out at the mall not listening one bit to what their parents tell them to do or ask them to do. I’ve heard kids cuss at their parents and the parent stands there and says “That’s not nice.” No – it’s not nice and therefore you should smack your kid in the mouth. I think I only ever said one cuss word ever in front of my dad and it wasn’t directed at him. I got a good smack on my arm for it and was told to never say it again. I was 15.

Also I think parents are afraid to discipline their kids. Um – I have something to tell you – they are in YOUR house until they are 18 therefore YOU are responsible for them and their actions. If you don’t teach them the difference between right and wrong you may end up having to fix their messes.

Kids these days don’t have any discipline or manners. Thank goodness my kid sort of does. He says yes ma’am and no ma’am and yes sir and no sir. There are times he’ll say “yeah” to something I ask him and I’m like – “Excuse me?” He’ll say sorry and then say yes ma’am. My kid isn’t perfect, but he’s a good kid. He’s been on honor roll since 1st grade, never missed a day of school and is polite and courteous. Yes he lies every once in a while, but what kid doesn’t? The difference between him and some other kid is that mine gets punished for lying so he can learn the difference.

He’s a smart cookie and I am pretty sure that he will grow up to go to college and be a successful adult. After all – that’s the whole purpose of raising kids right?Me, My Smart Cookie & My Hubs


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