Laguna Beach, California

When “Laguna Beach” came on MTV, I was a few years older than them so I watched just to see if the kids on the other side of the country had the same problems as I did when I was in high school. They did of course but there was a few slight differences. They lived in huge houses on or near the beach and I lived in low-income housing with my dad nowhere near the beach. They wore clothes that I probably could never afford, I wore what ever was on sale at the Goody’s or Wal-Mart.

Never the less – Laguna was a beautiful place and I’ve always wanted to go there.
Other than the amazing beaches to chill at and beautiful private homes to – well – drive by and stare at, there are “points of interest” to visit as well.

There is the 1897 settlement house and the 1929 French Country style house. Okay so other than the old architecture, shopping and beaches, that’s about it really. They have a whole list of different historic buildings on their website, but NONE of them have any pages of their own. I find that disappointing. You would think a town with SO much architectural history would want to advertise it. Just saying.

So it may not be the most fascinating place in the world but I would like to go there. I’m a sucker for old houses and shopping.

Psst: Picture of Laguna Beach from here.


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