Step Two

It happened. I sent an email about an opening for a reporter for the county paper yesterday. I got back a reply. I am calling today after work to set up a time to come in and talk to the publisher.

I work alone in an office so no one saw me do my happy dance in my chair. It was a sight to see I am sure. I got made fun of the other day by my son because I did a happy dance in the kitchen. “Mom – what was that?” was the words that came from his mouth with a slightly confused look on his face. I explained it was my happy dance for when I was really happy about something. He just shook his head and poured his juice then told his dad “You should see mom’s happy dance – she’s funny.”

Anyway – I’m nervous but at the same time I’m excited. I have to pinch myself to remind me that it’s real. It’s not just a dream anymore. I texted my hubs and told him about it. He doesn’t get excited a lot so I didn’t expect an “Alright way to go honey!” text back. I got a smiley face and an I love you. I did email my mom – I’ve talked to her about a lot of this. She’s the only one in the family who even knows I have a blog. She’s the only one who really knows my true need to find myself – to become – unstuck.

She’s at work so I don’t expect her to read her email until tonight. Keep me and my dream in your prayers – I’ll need it with my nerves and butterflies! (And this time I know it’s not the chocolate because I haven’t had any today – yet.)

xo – S.J.



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