Valentine’s Day & Peanut Butter Frosting

Well – I hope you are having (or have had) a great Valentine’s Day! The hubs and I aren’t doing anything today because well, we have work and he has school. We celebrated on Friday night (thanks to my mom for watching the booger). We had dinner at the Big River Grille & Brewing Works. I had the Tuscan Chicken Pasta – best thing I have ever eaten there! The hubs got a Mahi Mahi sandwich which he loved.

Big River is a Micro Brewery meaning they make their own beer. I would have enjoyed a glass or two but I decided not to. Anyway – we then went across the street to a movie theater to watch “Just Go With It”. It has Jennifer Aniston (LOVE HER) and Adam Sandler (who I think is kind of cute at times). It had to be the funniest, sweetest, stupidest (in a hilarious way) movie I’ve seen in forever! To top it off, it beat that Justin Bieber kid’s 3D movie!!!!

What I loved about this theater….it is LEED certified first of all!!! Second – it had automatic reclining leather seats at the push of a button (in the VIP section – it’s only a few dollars more for this theater!) and it had a call button. You push the button and a WAITER comes out to take your food and drink order!! They have a full menu and sell alcohol! I just got a tea and the hubs got a coffee. OH – and you also got FREE popcorn! It’s a lot better than spending $15 extra bucks on top of your ticket for two drinks and popcorn! Our drinks ended up being $7 but you got free refills at the push of a button. The only time I had to leave my seat was to use the lady’s room because I drank WAY too much tea!

Saturday came and I picked up the booger at my mom’s at 7am (yeah – that’s right) and fixed a big breakfast like I do every Saturday morning. I then had an eye-glass appointment, then we went to the Battlefield with some friends and their pooch and tossed around the football. We proceeded home in the evening and I fixed dinner. Pork chops and potato skins with salad.

The best thing I think of the day was the cake I made!!! It was the old-fashioned chocolate cake from Hershey’s website and then while making it I was thinking of what kind of icing to make. I was looking for powdered sugar (I had to BACK to the store for it) and came across peanut butter. Yummy creamy peanut butter. Then it hit me!!! Peanut butter icing! I pitched the idea to my helper (Seth) and to the hubs. Neither one said no so I went for it.

Seth scooped out one cup of peanut butter while I gathered two sticks of butter, a teaspoon of vanilla, a pinch of salt and FOUR cups of powdered sugar. It wasn’t long until we had wonderful peanut butter frosting!! Once the cake was cooled we layered on the frosting. I learned a trick from Martha Stewart about placing parchment under the cake while you frost it….no more messy cake stand!! Woo hoo!!

Anyway – once it was all done at 8:30 at night – we each had a piece. If I had a personal trainer they would have scolded me for that! If you fix this cake – you MUST have a full glass of milk sitting there. It’s pretty sweet and honestly tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in cake form. I had another thought as I sat there looking at the layers of cake on my plate. “What if I put grape jelly in the middle too?” The hubs gave me a weird look but Seth said “We should do that next time!”

Will I attempt grape jelly in a cake?? Who knows. I do know that I have the best helper ever. Who would have thought he’d like to help cook? Well – bake really. He only helps when it’s something sweet and he can lick the bowl, or the spoon or the mixing utensils!!

Sunday was church day and we exchanged Valentines gifts before church. I got the hubs some Ghirardelli squares and a card that was funny. He got me a huge box of truffles (My FAVORITE) and a card that made me cry – happy cry. He can write some pretty sappy heart wrenching stuff. Seth also got a small box of truffles from us (he takes after his mom) and a funny kids card.

All in all we had a WONDERFUL weekend!! I hope you guys did too!


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