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A really weird thing happened this weekend. The hubs and me plus our friend and his girlfriend went shopping this weekend. I guess you can call it shopping, even though we only bought video games. Yep – we are a nerdy kind of family. In case you are wondering – we picked up Call Of Duty Black Ops (or something to that effect) and Beatles Rock Band. I thought the Rock Band thing was an awesome score at $65 for EVERYTHING – meaning the drums, guitar, microphone and game. Yes – we. are. awesome.

Anyway – we left the local Best Buy and got in the car and starting talking about energy drink names when this guy comes over and taps on my husbands window (he was driving). So the hubs cracks the window cause we all were a little paranoid I think and the guy says. “This is my car – well it used to be. You bought it at _____ and it had 74,000 miles right?” Which – the place we bought it was obvious cause the drive out tag was still on the car. So the hubs says “Yeah that’s where we got it.” The man is probably in his early 40’s with graying hair. He says “Cool man – I hope you like it!” and walks away.

It was a very odd encounter but also kind of neat. The next day (Sunday) I go to our Wal-Mart which the dealership we bought the car from is right in front of. I try to catch a glimpse of the Endeavor because well – I do miss it just a little. To my surprise it was sitting in front of the office with a drive out tag on it!! Not two weeks on the lot and she was already spoken for. I wondered if I would ever get to meet the people who bought her. I wonder if they were caught up in her roomyness when they checked her out just like I was the first time I sat in her. Today I got my answer.

On the way home – down our LONG stretch of road I see a familiar outline of the Endeavor. I am totally awesome at spotting cars and trucks makes and models a mile away. Seriously. Anyway – I keep my eyes on it – and the road and practically hold my breath to see what the people look like driving it. When she gets close enough – I can see through the window and see it’s a young family, mostly like us and the hubs of the woman is driving and – he’s smiling.

It felt nice to see the people who bought her – I knew that she would be in good hands. It may be sad for me to name cars and give them genders but I’ve worked on them enough to know that they kind of do take on personalities of their own. You have to take care of them just like a pet really. They have to be fed (gas), they should be washed at least every two weeks (one week according to the hubs) and you have to water them (changing the oil).

So – call me weird, call me crazy – but I love my vehicles. It’s nice to have a Honda once again…and I know that the family that got the Endeavor will enjoy her for as long as she lasts. Love your cars people – love them!!  xo – S.J.


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