Blueberry Muffins Anyone?

For the first time ever – I made homemade blueberry muffins. Never had I seen my little one so excited about muffins, or the hubs for that matter. It makes me happy to know exactly what is in them while I enjoyed one this morning. I found out also that we have a blueberry farm close to us – during the season you can pay about $5 and get a big bucket to fill with blueberries you pick yourself. That is on our to do list!

Anyway – I’ve been in a baking mood a lot lately although I am not sure why. I’ve even been fixing more than just hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner (or the occasional pizza). We eat at home most of the time, unless it’s pizza then we get a spinach pizza – at least we try to eat out healthy!!  LOL

The other night I fixed shrimp fajitas and tonight I will be making chicken fettuccine and roasted vegetables….sounds yummy right?! Yeah I can’t wait to get home and fix dinner!! Anyway this post was really about the blueberry muffins. I found the recipe on FoodGawker (you can find the link to their site on the right) but I don’t know who it was that posted it.

You can find EVERYTHING on there! It’s a daily pit stop for me on my blog reading schedule. Check it out!!!


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