Juliette, Georgia

Have you ever watched the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”? Its got Kathy Bates in it (I LOVE HER). She is like my most favorite actress. It’s about a housewife who is unhappy with her life and makes friends with an older lady from a nursing home. The movie tells the story about Ruth and Idgie….you really just have to watch it to understand everything. I’ve never read the book so I can’t compare it to the movie.

Anyway there is a cafe in the movie called the Whistle Stop Cafe. Their specialties are fried green tomatoes (duh) and their BBQ. I would be kind of wary to eat the BBQ (if you’ve seen the movie you know why) but I am sure that it would be perfectly fine these days.

The movie was set in Alabama but the Whistle Stop Cafe was actually built-in Juliette, Georgia and that’s where the filming was done. You know how those Hollywood people are. Anyway, it’s still there today and you can visit. They even have it on their menus “Please, Don’t Steal The Menus” which I find kind of funny.

To be honest though, there isn’t much in Juliette to do. There are 2 other restaurants: Riverview Cafe and Rum Creek Pizza (sounds like my kind of place) and a few places to look at home decor. One of the places I would really like to visit is Southern Grace/Habersham Winery. The website states that they have the mixes and cook books from the Irondale Cafe (which states it was the Whistle Stop in the book) and gifts. There is also a place to buy plants, a motorcycle museum, a music venue called Pickin’ On The Porch that is located across from the Whistle Stop Cafe.

There are a few tours to be had. One called the Dew Drop In Tours and the Jarrell House Bed & Breakfast both of which I would for sure take part in. You know me – I’d have to get my history fix. OH! How could I forget Lake Juliette? There is very limited hunting, fishing and camping allowed though. As far as other outdoor activities go…there is hiking and a wildlife refuge.

Other than the Jarrell House B&B there really isn’t anywhere else to stay in Juliette. Believe me – I have searched. If you find something, let me know!!! I told my mom that her and I would go down there this coming up April – so we will probably have to stay “out-of-town” and drive in which is totally fine. Anyway, if you click here it will take you to the web-page for Juliette, Ga “Home Of The Whistle Stop Cafe”. Have a look around…they have filmed a lot of other movies there too (bits and pieces), but I’ve never watched any of them.

If you go, or if you have been, let me know how it is (or was)!!!!


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