New(ish) Car

So last Saturday we went to look for a car/truck/suv as I told you about here. We didn’t end up going to drive Black Beauty. I had spotted a Honda Civic and a Jeep Compass at our local Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep dealer. So I convinced the hubs to go and check it out. Seth was pretty excited just to check out the Challengers up close!

We had already talked to a sales guy named Larry. He was pretty nice. We told him the two cars that we were interested in looking at and he handed us the keys to the Civic first and let us take it for a drive. The hubs drove since – silly me – I forgot my license in the other car. As soon as we got in, Seth said “It’s got leather!” We’ve never had a car with leather plus he got to keep the balloon that was tied to the antenna.

The hubs got in and didn’t say much at first. On down the road though, he said “I really like this…a lot.” It had heated front seats, a sunroof (yes!) and a navigation system. It’s also a four door and surprisingly roomy on the inside in the back so it’s good for kids! Once back at the dealership, the hubs and I glanced over at the Compass that was parked beside it. We both kind of looked at each other and walked away.

We weren’t interested in it anymore. I think we were both in love with the Civic. Larry met us in the parking lot and asked what we thought about it. Without even asking the hubs said, “Lets see what you can do.” Well, of course he asked me if I liked it first but other than that….

So…after an hour spent there wheelin’ and dealin’ and not getting to where we wanted to be payment wise, we decided that we would stay with the $20 more dollars a month than we were shooting for (which ended up being $270 a month). We told them we would think about it and call them on Monday (they are closed on Sundays). The owner heard us and asked us to wait. He went into his office with Larry and got us to our goal of $250 a month for a payment. We still said we would sleep on in – even when we knew that we would probably get it. It’s just good to “sleep on it” before you make a big purchase – just so you don’t jump into things too quickly.

So – Monday morning rolled around and the hubs called the dealership. That afternoon we picked up the new(ish) car! A 2008 Honda Civic EX-L. I think they call it – electric blue or vortex blue. Something cool anyway. This isn’t him but he sure looks similar. Mine has different wheels, no rear spoiler and a sunroof visor.

So…what do you think? Not an SUV but it gets GREAT mileage at 35 mpg highway (which is what I mostly drive). Also…it takes the cheapo gas, not the expensive stuff the Endeavor called for. Yea for us! So, if you could get a new(ish) car, what would it be?????

Psst: Photo of car taken from here.


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