365 Project

I have just discovered this today. Why had I not heard of this before? I was looking on one of my favorite sites: Young House Love and saw something for a website called 365 Daily Creative Journal. I thought: That would be really neat. You have no idea how much “stuff” I have lying around that is craft related. We have a craft drawer in our bedroom (yes, it an odd place especially when its early Saturday morning any our 8-year-old wants to use construction paper) that barely gets used. Except of course for Seth – our 8-year-old as mentioned.

So I control+clicked it and checked out the page. Which is here – and you don’t have to control+click…just unless it’s your habit like mine. Anyway…the first post was about shoes from a girl named Heather in Oregon (Which you can see here). Everyday she takes a picture of the shoes she is wearing and posts something about them or about her day.

There was also one that I thought was hilarious called NastyCute. It’s a lady named Eliza (I love that name) who takes a random photo of a cute animal and writes what she thinks is their nasty thoughts. Warning: some language may not be suitable for younger eyes or ears (if you read out loud like me sometimes so the hubs can hear the hilarity).

They all don’t have to be creative either. There was one post – I can’t remember which one – a guy made a deal about running at least 3 miles a day for a year. One of the times was when his wife’s water broke – he went out and ran 5 miles before he took her to the hospital. Oh – and there were several occasions after happy hour he said he ran drunk in his neighborhood just so he wouldn’t break his 365 deal.

I used to run. Sort of. My sister-in-law – Crystal – talked me into doing a half marathon with her while she was at my house for my birthday last May. The marathon was in November. I looked up all kinds of schedules and workouts to get myself ready. Granted – with an 8-year-old and a somewhat paranoid husband – I was limited to running in my neighborhood. I started out walking and then running, alternating. On Saturdays Crystal and I would meet up at our local battlefield (yup – its pretty cool…old civil war battlefield) and run and or walk for as long as we could stand. It lasted all of 12 weeks. I even bought a Nike+ watch to keep up with my miles and such. Now the pretty pink band sits on the counter where I can see it every day…mocking me.

We signed up for the marathon but never ran it. Insert big sad face here. I ran at night once in our neighborhood and almost got mowed down by the cop that lives down the street because he was texting – in his cop car. Crazy right? I would love to go run with Seth after I pick him up from school but running out in a circle on the playground is kind of boring. I don’t like feeling like a mouse on his wheel in a cage. Maybe its just me.

My point is – the whole 365 thing got me thinking. Maybe I could do something like that – I should. When I was running I lost 10 pounds. I’ve gained 3 back so I think I have done good at keeping it off even without the running. Don’t ask me how – I have no idea.

Picking a 365 Journey (as I will call it) could be interesting, challenging and fun. If you could pick a 365 Journey…what would it be? Maybe something physical like running or biking or something artsy like the shoes or maybe even just posting things you like every day. Like I LOVE this painting from Etsy. Check it out here. I would love to have that in a baby room or even my own room! The paintings are by Mike and Jaime Best in Nebraska.

So – I am off to think of a 365 Journey/Challenge – whatever you want to call it!


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