Car Shopping

Tomorrow is the day we will celebrate my husband’s 28th birthday (It was really the 17th) and also the day we will go shopping for a car/SUV/truck. Whatever strikes our fancy. Now – I am all for an SUV since we maybe having more kids in the future (call me crazy) but I just am not sold on the 16 or 17 MPG that some of them are rated. That maybe one reason I am also leaning towards a Honda Civic (SI – cause I’m cool like that) and of course it would be 4 door.

Now the hubs – he’s more “We need a 4×4.” I understand his point of view since we have had two semi major snows in our area this year which is kind of odd cause it hardly EVER snows here significantly. Anyway – with our front wheel drive Mitsubishi and our rear wheel drive Ford – we couldn’t really get anywhere. It would have been nice to have a 4×4 then for sure.

There has been one SUV that’s been on my mind since I came across it on the internet Tuesday night. She’s very pretty….you can check her out here. I love that it’s black and not like bright red or the usual Jeep color of green. It’s also a year newer than the Mitsubishi I drive now and….she has a sunroof. Goodness gracious how I miss having a sunroof! Oh – and in case you didn’t notice…it’s got leather seats too!! I have NEVER had leather seats and to top it off – they are HEATED! It’s rated at 25 MPG in the city and 29 on the highway which is mostly what I drive. We scheduled a test drive for tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it!

Of course I might be getting myself too excited about it. There is that distant possibility that will HATE it once actually sitting in it. It’s like when you are looking for a wedding dress – that perfect ONE. You might LOVE something on the rack but absolutely HATE it once you see yourself in it. It happened to me – several times – before I found my perfect dress and I hated it on the rack!!!

We aren’t just going to look at Black Beauty (yes I already named her!). The hubs also wants to go to Honda (which I by no means object to) and to possibly Nissan. So – I will keep you posted!


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