Snow…and much of it.

I was born in 1983. That means that I was about four years old when the snow storm of 1988 came rolling through Georgia and North Carolina. To tell you the truth – I don’t remember a thing about it.

In March of 1993 though being nine – I remember it very well. We had between 2 to 4 feet of snow and my dad had an old green Chevy truck sitting in the drive way along with my mothers 1978 Camaro. We had a pretty large yard and it was fenced in. We had a hill we could sled down as long as you figured out how to stop before you got to the fence. I remember too that we had a beagle, her name was Dixie. (Yeah I know, go ahead and laugh.) Poor girl – she wouldn’t go out in the snow so we shoveled off the patio so she could at least get out of the house for a bit.

My brother would always chase me with bugs or torment me like any big brother does his little sister. During the snow storm was no different. Once while we were outside he picked me up and threw me (he’s five years older than me). When I landed, I couldn’t see anything around me but snow but I heard him laughing. I cried.

Our power never went out during either one of those storms per my mother. So when they said Sunday night that we would be getting at least 6 inches of snow I wasn’t worried and neither was my mother. My MIL and her family – that was a different story. My MIL went out and bought one of those blue flame propane heaters that you mount to the wall or buy legs for it. After all the fittings and the legs and such – around $500. My brother-in-law did the same thing. I thought – just buy some fire logs and if the power does go out we can use the fire pit to cook hot dogs and stuff. It’s not like the heat inside the house would immediately disappear and for crying out loud – layer UP!!!

So after the hubby talked to his family and got all wigged out – I told him I didn’t see the point in spending $500 when we might not have to use the darn thing. Thankfully he saw my point of view and we let the other people who were at the Home Depot buy the last blue flame heater.

Sunday night at about midnight I woke up for no reason at all. I thought – I wonder if it’s snowed yet?? So I got up and went to the door leading from our bedroom to the patio. Sure enough there was about 5 inches already outside. We had fixed up the dogs heat lamp in his dog house and put in extra cedar – he’s part Pyrenees & part Mastiff so he’s fine outside. I went back to bed and woke up at 5am to around 8 inches of snow – I called in to work – then found out later that even the boss man couldn’t make it in.

So we had a big breakfast, played in the snow, played Wii and had dinner. The next day wasn’t much different. We walked the neighborhood to see if anyone had gotten out and to look at all the snow men everyone built. Oh and I chased down the dog because our son didn’t latch the gate back. (We have to put the leash lock in the “lock hole” on the gate latch. He’s a smart dog and has gotten out A LOT.) That was an experience in the snow.

All in all – our power hasn’t gone out (its flickered twice), we’ve played more Wii than we ever have and really done nothing until yesterday. I got to work at 11…the hubs went to work at 9. Daycare was closed still because school was canceled so our son came to work with me. He is here with me today to – sitting beside me making a paper football with the help of a stapler….yeah I don’t know. Daycare opens at 9 this morning (lets hope) and school is out until Tuesday.

We here in the South are not prepared for this much snow. I tell ya – I’d be happier living in the Keys dealing with the occasional hurricane than having to live somewhere where it snowed like this every winter. Call me crazy! What is it like where you live during the Winter months? What do you do not to go stir crazy???


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