So…Boston probably tops the list of the cities I’d like to visit. Not for any specific reason but for lots.
Okay – I’ll have to admit that part of it has to do with that Augustana song aptly named Boston. I feel like I can live vicariously through the girl in the song. Wanting to get away and go to Boston for a change of scenery. Now – don’t get me wrong – I love my husband, family and friends. Sometimes though I think it would be nice just to get away for a few days just by myself. Is that bad? We all need some “me” time – and I like to travel, the hubs not so much. He was in the military for a while and hated being so far away from family – he’s mostly a home body where as my family went on vacation to Florida every summer and when I got my license, you would never find me at home. I wasn’t the party type of girl either. I was out at the mall, or walking downtown or hanging with my friends talking about boys or working – which was typical.

If I ever do get to Boston – I’d probably check out the historic district first. I’m big on old homes and history – it was my favorite class in high school. When I walk into an old restored home I think about the people who lived there when it was first built. I wonder what they were like, if they had kids what were their names? I am DYING to get an old Victorian or Georgian and restore it…maybe one day I will get my wish.

Oh – you definitely can’t go to Boston during baseball season and not see a ball game. I am not a Red Sox fan – Braves through and through – but I mean…hello….Fenway Park?? How could you NOT want to go there? I can’t forget about hockey either – the Bruins. Although again I am not rooting for the Bruins – Go Thrashers!! – it is always fun at a hockey game no matter who is playing. Plus – think about the shopping and food aspect of going to Boston. There is so MUCH to choose from and you are pretty much guaranteed to find awesome antique shops and great seafood.

Another history related topic – The Freedom Trail. You may think that I would be interested in the Paul Revere house or the churches when in fact – it’s really the cemeteries or “burying grounds” as they call them. Here in the city I live in we have ghost tours of downtown, cemeteries, underground buildings, etc. I’ve taken in maybe one of them but they do talk about history so it’s not a total bore. Cemeteries don’t really creep me out, being in them at night however is totally different. I see cemeteries as a tangible link to the past. These people, especially the ones buried in the cemeteries on The Freedom Trail, were alive when Paul Revere made his historic ride. They had families and friends. Maybe they even owned their own shop.

I love learning about the past. These days it seems like nothing about the present is super important but on down the line someone will think – “We need to remember this – keep this story and these memories alive.” My husband has always told me that he thinks I would have been a great history teacher. That would be awesome but I doubt it would have ever happened anyway.

Tell me…if you could go to any city any where, where would you go? What would you do while you were there??

Picture of Boston Skyline…..from here


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