The Beginning…

I wanted to have a blog for a while now. I just never really got around to it. But – here I am. I read the “Learn” thing about how to get started and find a theme and what not. There was just one problem. My stick figure thought bubbles were all over the place.

Food, Fashion, Photography, Running etc. How am I supposed to pick just one? I thought “My idea of having a blog is so not going to happen.” Then I answered the phone – since that’s my job at work – and after I hung up I had another thought. “Why does it have to be about one thing?” I mean really…I am NOT a foodie. I am NOT a fashion designer or in school for it. I do have an awesome camera but I never get around to printing out the digital files. I used to be a runner – used to be being the operative phrase. I will start running again – no matter what.

I’ve always had an issue with expressing myself to others in the verbal form. I am terrified of public speaking and have only sang karaoke once – that I can remember anyway – and it was with three other girls who were equally inebriated. I definitely sing in the car as loud as I can, when I am alone. I was in choir for four years – my teacher told me I had a good voice but I would never do solos. I only did it because there were 30 other people singing with me.

Back to what I getting at – I prefer to write my feelings or thoughts instead of say them – to anyone. For this reason – in my teens I wrote poetry. I was even published once. It was in a book for young poets but I never bothered to get one.

Now that I am in my mid-twenties (okay late twenties) I have begun to write four short stories – none of which are finished at the moment. I get an idea and it won’t fit into the current story so I begin another with that thought process.

I don’t want this blog to be about a certain thing. It will be about LOTS of things. You never know what I will post about next…so keep your eyes open and comment if you feel froggy. I will answer!


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